Top 5 Areas With Cheap Villas For Rent in Dubai

Are you interested in the top five areas where you can find Cheap villas for rent in Dubai? Dubai is known for its great earning opportunities and high-class living standards. However, finding an affordable house is difficult if you move to Dubai with your family. In addition, the demand for cheap villas has increased significantly in recent years. 

Renting cheap villas in Dubai might be a little tricky but not impossible. Many areas in Dubai serve affordable villas within your budget range. So, in this guide, we’ll share with you the top five areas with cheap villas for rent in Dubai. 

Top Areas for Cheap Villas in Dubai 

There are many places in Dubai where you can find cheap villas for rent. And as per the records, the most affordable area in Dubai for villas starts first with Akoya Oxygen, International City, Serena, etc.  

So, let’s learn more about them. 

  1. Akoya Oxygen 

Akoya Oxygen is one of the most popular places in Dubai to rent a cheap villa. The DAMAC Properties in Dubai developed this beautiful project. And if you want to live a peaceful and tranquil life away from the noise and crowds of cities. It is a perfect place for someone like you. This place in Dubai is marked as one of the first green residential places.

Akoya Oxygen

Set around the pleasing landscapes of a golf course, this area offers several exciting facilities to its residents. The list includes shopping malls, restaurants, schools, cafes, health clubs, and hospitals. This area is also pet-friendly. So, you can keep your pet here without any worries. Additionally, this area is connected through four major highways in the Emirates.

The Average Rental Price 

3-bedroom villas – AED 60k/year

4-bedroom villas – AED 82k/year

5-bedroom villas – AED 95k/year

  1. Mirdif 

Mirdif is a place primarily famous for its villas. However, this area is also quite well-known for its affordability and the excellent range of facilities it provides. One main benefit you can get from choosing it is the Dubai International Airport. It is just a few minutes away from Mirdif. Another satisfying reason is that it houses the wonderful Mushrif Park in Dubai.


If we talk about the facilities, it serves many luxurious benefits to its residents. It has everything from supermarkets and luxury dining halls to entertainment amenities to keep you engaged. In addition, Mirdif has eclectic villa architecture to best suit your needs. 

The Average Rental Price 

3-bedroom villas – AED 90k/year 

4-bedroom villas – AED 115k/year

5-bedroom villas – AED 124k/year

  1. Mira Oasis

Mira Oasis is one of the Emaar projects for villas in the urban area. This project by Emaar was developed to create affordable villas with all advantages for residents in Dubai. It has a contemporary architectural design divided into three phases. Located in Reem, Mira Oasis is thoroughly connected to all parts of Dubai. And from here, you can easily access any famous place in Dubai.

Mira Oasis

As for the main amenities of this community, it offers a residents club, tennis course, golf course, and soccer field. It is also a few minutes away from the Dubai Mall and has even cycling, jogging, and skating tracks. 

The Average Rental Price 

3-bedroom villas – AED 70k/year 

4-bedroom villas – AED 80k/year

  1. Serena 

Serena was developed by one of the top residential project developers in Dubai. The main purpose of building this project was to give residents a house at an affordable price. This community connects Dubai’s famous places by the Al Qudra and Emirates Road. This project is divided into three sub-communities. And as for the architectural designs of this community, it is pretty beautiful to look at.


You can get several benefits in this place, like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and shopping places. Moreover, living in Serena can be highly profitable for you. From here, you have the access of Dubai’s most famous leisure hubs like the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai Miracle Garden, etc.

The Average Rental Price 

3-bedroom villas – AED 85k/year 

  1. Town Square 

Town Square in Dubai is a massive residential area that offers villas at cheap price. Beside Al Qudra Road, this area is renowned for its green spaces. It is a small suburb area where you can live with your family in peace. It has beautiful house designs with pleasing scenarios to make it a perfect place for friendly living. This community also offers amusement facilities for its residents. 

Cheap Villas For Rent in Dubai,Town Square

Town Square has everything you need, including restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, retail shops, and community centers. 

The Average Rental Price 

3-bedroom villas – AED 109k/year 

4-bedroom villas – AED 132k/year


Dubai is a vast city that offers everything one needs. It is a place that can provide the most luxurious lifestyle one can have. While on the other hand, if you are looking for something affordable and cheap, you can also find it here. It is a versatile place for people all around the world.  

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