Exploring Specialized Commercial Spaces: Shops for Rent in Dubai

Whether you have a sizable small business or want to be a pharmacist, there are many specialized commercial shops for rent in Dubai. From a personal trainer to a supermarket owner, there are a variety of commercial shops for rent in Dubai that suit your skills. 

While many businesses will have certain products and practices in common, a successful company will build rapport with customers, provide excellent customer service and outcomes, and provide a superior experience or product. 

shops for rent in Dubai

If this sounds like your skill set, read about four specialized commercial shops for rent in Dubai.


The first of four specialized commercial shops for rent, the gym is the business that relies the most on superior outcomes and customer experience. As a gym owner, you will hire those who can train your clientele on losing weight, building muscle, and so on. If your trainers do a good job, your reputation will spread, and you will gain more customers. If they do a terrible job, however, you may not even make rent. 

There is only one gym for rent in Dubai, located at Al Souk Al Kabeer in Bur Dubai. It has a separate gym for male and female clients and boasts an intercom station. The gym is near Dubai Driving Station and a public transportation depot. 

Those who choose a gym as their commercial shop can expect to pay over AED 130,000 in annual rent. The landlord may occasionally offer one month of free rent.  


The second of four specialized commercial shops for rent, the supermarket, is the business that relies the most on understanding your customer base. You can stock a supermarket full of groceries, but if the groceries don’t match your demographic, you will not succeed.

Currently, one fully-fitted supermarket is available for rent in Dubai, situated in Al Manara. It conveniently sits near Umm Suqeim Beach, Burj Al Arab, and Mandinat Jumeirah, alongside one of Dubai’s main roads, Sheikh Zayed Road.

You can expect to pay over AED 1,100,000 if you rent a supermarket. 


The third of four specialized commercial shops for rent, the office can be used as a headquarters for a more significant business or a therapist or consulting service. The office is one of the most specialized commercial shops for rent that can be used for almost anything. You can use it for the headquarters of your new business, as a consulting service, to meet high-profile clients and more. However, if your business is unsuccessful, your office will succeed, and you may have difficulty paying rent.

Offices are currently available in the France Cluster of International City. They will have a pantry, bathroom, security service, central air, and an intercom system. The offices are currently located off Sheikh Zayed Road.

If you get an office to rent, you can expect to pay between AED 22,000 and AED 28,000.

Drug Store

The final specialized commercial shop for rent in Dubai is the drug store. Drug stores are often an essential part of society. Whether you are selling cold medicine or psychiatric medicine, a pharmacy/drug store will always have a built-in customer base. However, it Is possible to lose clients. I once left one drugstore for another because of insane wait times. At one point, I waited for what seemed like an hour when I showed up after I was notified that my prescription was ready. Thus, poor customer service can destroy your business. 

Drug Stores for rent are located in the Persia Cluster of Al Warsan and International City. Many of these drug stores are pre-approved, meaning you will not have to apply for a permit to sell your products. They have bathrooms, free parking, central air and heating, and a security service. The loading docks are usually strategically positioned for ease of use. 


Gyms, supermarkets, offices, and drug stores require different skills and needs. An office is used for a more professional setting, either for meeting prospective clients or providing services such as psychological counseling. Supermarkets will serve the masses, but only if you know what the masses want. A drug store has a consistent customer base if you maintain customer relationships with good customer service. Finally, a gym will survive based on outcome and customer satisfaction. 

If any of these specialized commercial stores for rent sound like businesses you have the skills to run, now is an excellent time to get a commercial shop for rent in Dubai. 


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