Role of Festivals in Dubai Tourism

Aren’t you excited just by hearing the name of festivals? Now imagine participating in the grand festivals of Dubai; isn’t it thrilling?

Dubai is a place that attracts tourists for its glamorous lifestyle and luxury living. Hence, it holds the title of one of the wealthiest places in the world. This city also represents the perfect amalgamation of different cultures, religions, and people. This vast amount of diversity plays a significant role in attracting tourists worldwide.

The festivals of Dubai include many exciting sports, shopping, and food-related activities. You’ll see here people participating in competitions from all over the world. Therefore, today’s article is about the role of festivals in Dubai tourism.

Festivals of Dubai: 

Dubai shopping festival

The Dubai shopping festival has played a significant role in making Dubai one of the most visited tourist destinations. It is a fun & thrilling experience to be here in the great Mall of Dubai and be a part of it. This festival usually happens during the months of January to February.

Moreover, every mall in Dubai offers incredible deals for its customers at this time of the year. Everyone at this time is allowed to go shopping throughout the city. And Many high-end brands give exclusive discounts to reach a large audience. Subsequently, you can also enjoy events like food shows, concerts, etc.

Dubai Art Festival

Dubai is a place that is very fond of every precious thing. Hence, art is something you can not miss here. Dubai hosts its most prominent festival of art in March. It is a festival initiated by the prime minister & vice president of Dubai with other significant individuals in 2007. It is a global art event where you can see a variety of art and artists.

This festival holds a major role in the growing popularity of tourism in Dubai. As a result, a significant number of people, approximately 28,000 tourists, attend this festival. Moreover, you can see here various art collectors, museums, and organizations visiting the festival.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Are you a big fan of music? If yes, Dubai has a surprise for you. Every year in February, Dubai organizes the international Jazz Festival. This glamorous festival of music attracts visitors from around the world whoever is interested in music. Many international music stars like John Legend, Duran Duran, etc., have performed at this Dubai festival.

This festival takes place all around Dubai, with over 500,000 visitors. This festival offers many outstanding performances by acclaimed international artists & musicians, contemporary music groups, and jazz bands. Hence, if you are interested in music, this international jazz festival won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

Dubai International Film Festival

The International Film Festival of Dubai plays a massive role in the growing tourism industry in Dubai. In addition, this festival offers a prime hotspot for movie lovers all across the world. Many renowned filmmakers, producers, and actors take place in this grand film festival of Dubai.

Meanwhile, this festival has completed its 14 successful editions with 500 Arab films. Its main target was to promote local & regional filmmakers into doing something great. So, attend this festival in Dubai and experience great fun and adventure by watching some fabulous movies.

The Dubai Marathon

The Dubai Marathon is one of the significant reasons for Dubai’s utmost tourist attraction. In addition, this particular marathon race attracts about 10,000 visitors every year during March. It is also once considered as world’s richest marathon because of its prize money. Moreover, people from various countries participate in this race as the entry fee is low here.

This marathon is one of the biggest events in the Middle East as it draws about 28,000 participants altogether. Hence, come to this event and experience this thrilling experience.


The festivals play a significant role in Dubai tourism. And as Dubai is multicultural, it offers even more celebrations than you can imagine. Moreover, Dubai has many other important festivals, like Eid, Dubai World Cup, National Day Festival, UAE Awafi festival, etc.


What are some famous festivals in Dubai?

Dubai has many famous festivals to offer its visitors, such as The Shopping Festival, UAE National Day, Abu Dhabi Festival, International Film Festival, International Jazz Festival, etc.

When is the Shopping Festival of Dubai 2023 happening?

The Shopping Festival of Dubai 2023 will likely happen from around 15 December 2022 to the first month of 2023.

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