5 Ways to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How do you choose a Real Estate Agent will do? If you are hunting for a property in Dubai, you must be willing to join hands with a real estate agent to make the journey smooth. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy real estate agent is not easy. Meeting several agents and choosing a real estate agent can be a task.

Of course, hiring a real estate agent is time-consuming. Hence, you have to consider several factors while appointing one. But this process can become smooth if you choose the right agent with the help of a few tips.

Let’s see five ways to hire a trustworthy real estate agent. Hopefully, this article will help you in choosing a decent agent.


1. Check The Credibility of The Company

To hire a real estate agent, always contact a real estate company. Also, do not forget to check the company’s credibility by seeing its reviews on the internet. Check how the real estate company is famous in Dubai and what others say about it. Moreover, find out if the company has clear records or not.

Appointing an agent through a company instead of an independent agent is more reliable. Agents associated with a real estate company are well-trained and are more professionals. They have the requisite skills and knowledge about the business.

2. Take References From Friends

The best way to find a company for hiring an agent is to contact your friends or family already residing in Dubai. Ask your friends to recommend at least 2-3 real estate companies so that you can have options.

Ask your friends or family to suggest some affordable agents. By letting them know what kind of property you are looking for and what your needs are, they will recommend suitable real estate companies to you.

If you don’t have any friends or family in Dubai, you can read the ratings and reviews of various real estate companies or agents on the internet to find out the best about them. If you aren’t sure about the authenticity of the agent, you can always probe other options.

3. RERA Certified

Check if the real estate agent is RERA certified or not. Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency administers the real estate business in Dubai.

If the agent is RERA certified, it will be like icing on the cake. First, check the BRN number to see if the agent has a RERA certificate.

4. Check Their Knowledge

You must choose a real estate agent because you don’t have the required knowledge about the same. However, hiring an agent without a deep understanding of the business is not profitable. They should be experts in the real estate business.

The agent should know the areas, locality, and customer very well like where the customer wants the property. They should know the neighborhoods and about upcoming developments in the area.

They should know where the properties are being sold or bought. Also, they should have a proper idea of the ongoing rates of the property. They should also know about the amenities, facilities, and other useful services in the nearby area of the property.

5. Communicating and Responsive

Choose a real estate agent willing to communicate freely and respond quickly to your queries. Make sure he hears all your demands and requirements about the property and helps you find the relatable one.

Also, see if they have a proper communication channel and follow the rules and regulations. They don’t take much time to clear your doubts and give satisfactory answers. If they cannot respond to your queries or don’t have the required knowledge, you can always look for other options.


This article should have provided you with some insight into how to choose the right real estate agent. With the help of these little tips, you can appoint a loyal and decent agent to find a home for yourself. Hunting a property can be tricky, but with the support of the right agent, things become effortless.

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1. How to select a reliable real estate agent?

Ans. The best way to select a reliable real estate agent is to take references from your family or friends. Also, you can choose the agent based on reviews available on the internet.

2. Is it mandatory for real estate agents to have a RERA certificate? 

Ans. Yes, an agent must have a RERA certificate for recognition as a valuable real estate agent or company in Dubai.

3. Who can be a successful real estate agent?

Ans. To be a successful real estate agent, you should have in-depth knowledge about the business, be available for your customers, and have a RERA certificate for better goodwill.

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